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Authorised Alde service engineer

Do you have one of these fantastic heating systems? They are without doubt the best available heating system for any leisure vehicle and they are becoming far more popular in caravans and motorhomes

The heating system is very reliable and rarely needs any repair work, most problems come about through a lack of servicing. It is therefore essential that the system is checked by a service engineer on a regular basis, ideally annually, Contact me for a quote

The heating system is very similar to a home wet central heating system and in fact you may have some domestic radiators fitted, especially if you have a narrow boat. There is though one really important difference and that is the fluid that takes the heat through the radiators.

In a caravan, motorhome and narrow boat, the heating system is filled with antifreeze similar to that used in a car. The antifreeze will prevent freezing and also contains inhibitors to prevent the system from rotting inside. Just like a car the fluid should be checked annually to ensure that the antifreeze is still effective. In any event the whole system should be drained and refilled with fresh antifreeze every 2-4 years dependant on the type of antifreeze used. Contact me for a quote

An Alde system in most new caravans and motorhomes sold in the UK will be filled with antifreeze that should have a 2 year life span (blue fluid). When I change the antifreeze I will normally use a higher quality product that has a stated 5 year life (pink fluid). If you need to top up the system do not mix blue and pink fluids.

A number of factors can effect the actual life span of your fluid mix and this is why your system should be checked on a regular bases. For a quote to check your system, replace the fluid or for repairs Contact me here