Aspire Caravan Services

Motorhome Habitation Service and Repairs

The habitation part of a motorhome is basically the same as a caravan, which means it needs the same checks for damp, gas, electric (12v and 240v) and water, it can also develop the same kind of faults. I therefore offer a quality service that will check the habitation area of your motorhome and provide repairs where necessary.

I can service and repair your motorhome at your home or in the place of storage, keeping down your costs and providing more convenience.

If you are on holiday in the surrounding area of North Hampshire and encounter a problem I can come to your site and either provide a full repair or a temporary repair to see you to the end of your holiday.

Please select one of the services below to see the extensive list of checks made

  • Habitation Only Service
  • Full Damp Inspection
  • Gas Safety Check
  • Pre Purchase Inspection
  • Repairs
  • Habitation Service

    Bodywork Exterior

    • Check condition and security of body panels
    • Check operation of door locks, catches and hinges and lubricate
    • Check condition and security of all trims, inserts and sealants
    • Check windows and seals for damage
    • Check condition and security of grab handles
    • Check security of body attachments (ladders, aerials, cycle racks etc)

    Bodywork Interior

    • Check floor for delamination
    • Check operation of cupboard hinges, catches, locks and stays
    • Check operation and condition of all window catches, stays and seals
    • Check operation and security of all skylights
    • Check operation of blinds and fly screens. Adjust if required
    • Check fixed ventilation openings for free flow of air

    Damp inspection

    • Use Damp meter to test for presence of moisture around roof and walls
    • Provide full damp report

    Gas Supply and Appliances

    • Check regulator performance and carry out leak test
    • Check condition and date of flexible hose
    • Check condition and security of all pipe work
    • Check condition of LPG sticker on locker and security of gas bottles
    • Check gas dispersal holes for obstructions
    • Check fridge ignition, FFD and cooling
    • Check operation of cooker, hob and oven. Ignition, flame and FFD
    • Check operation of space heater. Ignition, flame and FFD
    • Check operation of water heater. Ignition, flame and FFD
    • Check operation and condition of external gas point if fitted
    • Test for Carbon Monoxide
    (FFD = Flame Failure Device)
    Note: Whilst fridge operation is checked the fridge is not actually serviced. A fridge service is a long job and charged for appropriately.

    Electrical Systems 240v

    • Check condition of inlet plug and hook up cable (when available)
    • Operation of RCD, MCB’s and earth bonding
    • Check condition of wiring, sockets and fixed connections
    • Check operation of battery charger
    • Check mains operation of fridge
    • Check mains operation of cooker and hob
    • Check mains operation of water heater
    • Check mains operation of space heater

    Electrical Systems 12v

    • Check condition of 12N and 12S plugs and cables
    • Check condition and operation of road lights and reflectors
    • Check condition of wiring, sockets and fuses
    • Check functions of 12S system ( charging, fridge, lights etc)
    • Check operation of battery charger
    • Check condition of battery. Clean and lubricate terminals
    • Check operation of all 12v lights including awning light
    • Check blown air system

    Water System and Appliances

    • Check operation and condition of water pump
    • Check operation of pressure switch and adjust if required
    • Check condition of water filter and housing (replace filter if required)
    • Check operation of taps and shower fittings (including external taps if fitted)
    • Check overall condition of fresh and waste water pipes and fittings
    • Check toilet for operation and condition of seal, blade and flush
    • Check drain plugs for seal and operation ( Drain down system in winter )

    Fire and safety

    • Check condition of security, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
    • Check condition, type and expiry date of fire extinguisher
    • Check condition and location of fire blanket
    • Check operation, function and safety of DIY additions