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Caravan Motor Movers

A mover is the caravanner’s best friend, but it is a bit like others things in life, you don't realise you need one until you have it and then you wonder how you ever managed without.

A mover will enable you to accurately move the caravan in very tight spaces at the push of a button. When you arrive on site you don't have to worry about your reversing skills. A mover will take the caravan up a slope where you would need half a dozen people to push it, ideal for running it up onto a leveller.

When buying a mover you need to make sure you get the right one for your caravan. It must be capable of moving your unit, it shouldn't add too much additional weight, it should be reliable and if anything goes wrong you want it fixed without any fuss. (Some manufacturers require you to take the mover off the unit and return it to them if it fails during the warranty period).

To achieve the best, I recommend Reich movers. They are well built, work beautifully - if fitted correctly - and just in case something does go wrong I can come and fix it, under warranty, at your home or place of storage. The warranty on these movers is 5 years parts and labour with the exception of their Ecolite model which is cheaper but only has a 2 year warranty.