Aspire Caravan Services



Aspire Caravan Services provides customers with an enhanced warranty through membership with the Mobile Caravan Engineers Association (MCEA). This does not in any way affect the customers statutory rights.


New parts supplied and fitted by Aspire Caravan Services are warranted in accordance with the manufacturers own warranty terms. This is usually a period of 12 month from the date of purchase. Used or refurbished parts may have a limited warranty or non at all. If a customer wishes to use such parts it is important to check with the supplier what, if any, warranty is provided. Customer supplied parts are not warranted by me and the customer is responsible for pursuing any warranty claim directly with their own supplier.

Labour and Workmanship

As a member of the MCEA I am able to offer warranty throughout the UK. The scope of warranty is “rectification of faulty workmanship” known as ROFWO and is valid for a 12 month period.

Terms and Conditions of warranty

  1. All warranty claims must be reported promptly to Aspire Caravan Services
  2. Any warranty repair must be authorised by Aspire Caravan Services
  3. Retrospective warranty claims will not be accepted
  4. Warranty will not extend to consequential damage
  5. Normal wear and tear is not covered by warranty
  6. Failure caused by misuse or abuse will invalidate all warranty


If you are unhappy with the work carried out by Aspire Caravan Services, or by an agent acting on behalf of Aspire Caravan Services, please follow this complaints procedure.

1) In the first instance contact Rob Smith, Sole Proprietor of Aspire Caravan Services, in writing. A complaint form is available from the van during the engineer’s visit, or you may request a form by phone, letter or email. Alternatively you may download a complaint form here If you are unable to get an official complaints form you may write or email to the address below. Please provide the following information to assist in identifying the work carried out and the nature of the complaint.

  1. the date of the work
  2. the nature of the work
  3. the make model and year of the unit the work was carried out on
  4. your name, address and phone number
  5. the details of your complaint
  6. any other details you feel are relevant
  7. Please ensure your complaint is singed and dated

You can expect a written response to your complaint within one week and if the problem is not immediately resolved a weekly update of progress to resolve the issue. It may be expedient to resolve the matter by discussing the issue on the phone or in person. However, you can still expect a written response to your complaint, it is also advisable for you to follow up any conversation held on the phone or in person with your own written response.

Your complaint should be sent to:

Rob Smith
Aspire Caravan Services
59 Schubert Road
RG22 4JL

Or you can email your complaint to

2) If the matter cannot be resolved to your satisfaction you may send a copy of your complaint to the Mobile Caravan Engineers Association at the following address. Please also provide copies of any correspondence sent or received in relation to this complaint:

32 Drake crescents
SN14 0XH

The MCEA will act as an independent intermediary and will attempt to resolve the matter for you.

3) Your consumer rights are also protected by law. You may contact Citizens Advice on 0845 4040506 or go to their website for more information