Aspire Caravan Services

Trailer Service and Repairs

Trailers have a similar chassis structure to caravans, often using the same parts. I can service the chassis of a trailer keeping it fit for the road.

A chassis check, as detailed below, should be carried out yearly. The extent of the check will be determined by the type of trailer you have, e.g. braked or unbraked, single or twin axle. Some of the items listed below will may not be relevent to your trailer.

Chassis and Running Gear - - single axle and twin axle

  • Check coupling head and safety catch for wear and lubricate if required
  • Check and clean pads on ball acting stabiliser
  • Check condition and routing of breakaway cable and clip
  • Check operation of overrun piston and lubricate
  • Check operation of jockey wheel clean and lubricate
  • Check operation of handbrake and lubricate
  • Check brake rods, cables and supports
  • Remove wheels and check tyres for wear, damage, age and pressure
  • Remove brake drums check bearings, seals and linings. Clean and lubricate
  • Replace drum with new split pin or one shot nut and torque as required
  • Adjust brakes at drum and check free play in the linkage and at handbrake
  • Replace road wheels and torque wheel nuts / bolts to manufacturers settings
  • Check condition and security of chassis and attachment to body
  • Check operation of suspension assemblies
  • Check corner steadies operation and lubricate
  • Check spare wheel carrier and fliding step for operation and lubricate